How To Generate Contour Lines from Digital Elevation Model using DroneMapper

  • Once photogrametric processing has completed, the digital elevation model is available.

  • Navigate to the "Operations" menu and choose "Generate Contours". You will be presented with the following dialog box and contour generation options:

    The following options are available during contour creation:

  • Output Projection - The resulting project of the contour lines. Options are UTM and Lat/Lon WGS84
  • Output Filename - The name of the shapefile that is created containing the generated contour lines/vectors
  • Contour Interval - The interval between contour lines. Allows input in feet or meters
  • Contour Simplification - A slider which will simply the output contour lines
  • Contour Min/Max - Restrict contour line generation between these elevations

  • Determine the required options for contour generation, choose a filename and hit "Apply":

    Once contour generation is completed, a new layer is created and displayed on the map tab. Here I've generated contours every 5 feet.

  • The contour line shapefile is saved to the local hard disk (usually inside the project folder):